Lola Hubner is an Australian born photographer who started her journey at a young age shooting portraits. She later discovered her passion for travel on a holiday to Thailand in 2016. Lola and her partner Jirapan set off with a small camera on a 1 week holiday which would soon change their lives.

After quitting her job at Ikea in 2018, Lola and Jirapan set off on a one way backpacking trip around Southeast Asia and have been on the road ever since. They have travelled to over 15 countries and are now living their dream of van life around Australia.

Through her photography, Lola hopes to inspire and encourage others to chase their passion and discover more of this beautiful world.

Lola specialises in all aspects of content creation including photography, videography and droning. She enjoys all aspects of the creative process and strives to always deliver content that exceeds expectations and meets the brief.

Lola has had the pleasure of working with tourism boards and reputable brands from around the world. Her work has also been featured in publications from to the cover of Busabout's 2019 travel brochure.

Previous Partners

"I was extremely impressed with Lola and Jirapans work ethic, attitude and overall professionalism towards the job at hand. They both put in 100% every day, always willing to create something different, something new and spending even LONGER days getting extra content that wasn’t even briefed.

They work extremely well as a team and in the past 15years, I have never come across a more professional duo than the both of them. Their professionalism, positive attitude, ability to adapt and willingness to go the extra mile is commendable.

I highly recommend working with @lolahubner and @lifeofjira, not only for their creative talents, but their professionalism, attitude towards work and ability to adapt to constant changing situations of a ‘shoot’!"
— Becky Saywell / Northern Territory Sector Marketing Executive